Prize Challenges are competitions held at a global or regional level which aim to find the most cutting-edge AI solutions to tackle issues with a significant socioeconomic impact. These problems may arise from various public and private sectors, and the winners will receive cash prizes as recognition for their exceptional contributions. Additional funding for translation may be available for solutions with the potential to be applied in the real world. 

Ongoing Prize Challenge
– Upcoming Prize Challenge will be announced soon.

Past Prize Challenge

The Trusted Media Challenge was a five-month-long competition aimed at attracting the AI community to design and test out AI models and solutions that will easily detect audiovisual fake media, where both video and audio modalities may be modified. Click here for more details.

Keen to collaborate on a Prize Challenge?

We welcome Prize Challenge ideas that meet the following criteria: 

• The problem statement should have a significant socioeconomic impact on Singapore
• The proposed problem can be addressed using AI technologies
• The potential solution can be translated into real-world applications
• The competition should feasibly be completed within a maximum period of six months

If you are interested in proposing a Prize Challenge that meets the aforementioned criteria, please fill out this template and email it to