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Engaging the technical and domain experts for Grand Challenge statements

As part of the design approach to engineer large-scale research goals to harness the potential of AI for national impacts, we worked with technical and domain experts from both public and private sectors to contribute to grand challenge statements in the area of Health and Urban Solutions.  Over 200 academics and thought leaders participated in various rounds of brainstorm workshops and consultations done since Aug 2017.

Inaugural AI Apprenticeship Programme Public Briefing

We held our inaugural public briefing on the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) on 9th December which saw the attendance of close to 80 “potential apprentices”. Open to Singaporeans who have graduated in the last 3 years with competency in a programming language, the AIAP is a 9 months full-time structured training programme. Not only will the apprentice get to work on real-world AI problems and be mentored by AI, Big Data & High Performance Computing practitioners, one will also be awarded with a monthly stipend.

Visit to find out more. Registration for the 1st batch closes on 30 December, 2017.

“Grow our own timber, Groom our local talents” as we ride on the AI wave….

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