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Winners of “Read the Future” Science Fiction Essay Contest

Winners of “Read the Future” Science Fiction Essay Contest

1st row (L-R): Dr Nazry Bahrawi (SUTD), Assoc. Prof Hallam Stevens (NTU), Dean Robbie Goh (NUS), Dr Gilbert Yeoh (NUS), Dr Jung Eun Hwa (NUS), Koo Sengmeng (AI SG)
2nd row (L-R): Lim Xiangyin (3rd prize winner, Cat A), Dou Minyue (2nd prize winner, Cat A), Xie Yihui (1st prize winner, Cat A), Chio Ting Kiat (1st prize winner, Cat B),
Brandon Ang for Pek Jia Hao (2nd prize winner, Cat B), Teo Jun Yean (3rd prize winner, Cat B)

We gathered the winners of “Read the Future” Science Fiction Essay Contest together with the Judges over a simple Prize Giving Ceremony & High Tea on Friday, 9 Feb. It was a good time of sharing and exchange between them – the 6 winners shared about what was on their minds when writing the essay; the judges also gave their inputs on reading the stories and thoughts on human-AI collaboration….

Category A

  • 1st prize   Xie Yihui            Application of BCI and Potential Social Impacts
  • 2nd prize  Dou Minyue       Application of Emotionally Supportive AI
  • 3rd prize   Lim Xiang Yin    Jax

Category B

  • 1st prize    Chio Ting Kiat    Flaws in the laws. Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics
  • 2nd prize   Pek Jia Hao       Written by a Machine
  • 3rd prize    Teo Jun Yean     The AI Teaching Tool for a True Lifelong Education

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