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The LearnAI Portal is Launched!

AI Singapore has launched a refreshed learning portal LearnAI ! This is a dedicated site to help you in your AI and Data Science learning regardless whether you are a student, professional or an organisation.

With the launch of our new portal, we are excited to announce a PREMIUM Annual subscription membership. This membership will allow you to access premium courses like our popular AI for Industry (AI4I)® programme with. In addition, you will get access to new premium courses at no additional cost. This membership also comes with a one-year DataCamp Premium access.

For our FREE membership subscription, you can continue to access courses like AI for Everyone (AI4E)®, AI for Kids (AI4K)® as well as content from our partners. In addition, we will also be offering new courses as well. Recently, we have released a new course Data Analytics for Everyone. If you always wanted to learn how to use data to answer questions and make better decisions, this is the course for you.

Our portal has been redesigned with an intuitive interface that will help you access the right course according to your need.

  • If you are looking to learn some general knowledge about AI, head on to Everyone.
  • Students can access AI4S and AI4K courses while Educators can request free 6-month Datacamp access for their students.
  • For working professionals looking to learn and upskill in Data Science and Machine Learning, you can look at all our courses under the Professional section.

Happy learning!


  • Leading Talent and Product Marketing.

  • Azmi is a Senior AI Engineer for AI Innovation at AI Singapore, a national programme launched by the National Research Foundation (NRF) to anchor deep national capabilities in AI, thereby creating social and economic impacts, grow the local talent, build an AI ecosystem, and put Singapore on the world map. Azmi has a Diploma in Data Analytics from NUS-ISS, Petroleum Geoscience from Royal Holloway and B.Sc. in Computational Physics from NUS.

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