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The AI Singapore Community is Launched!

We are pleased to make the above announcement!

Bringing you social networking 👍

Since AI Singapore was established in 2017, we have engaged with various organisations, communities and individuals in Singapore’s artificial intelligence space. From the early days on, we have had a community forum, especially popular with our LearnAI members for discussing course material. It has now been superseded by the AI Singapore Community social network with more powerful features.

Join the Community! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏃🏿‍♂️

As you read this article, look at the header of the page. If you do not already have one, register for a LearnAI account (1️⃣). Choose the free LearnAI and Community Membership plan.

Once you have registered, proceed to login (2️⃣). After that, you are ready to enter the AI Singapore Community (3️⃣) !

If you are familiar with Facebook, you will be perfectly at home here.

You can see the activities in the Community in the form of a continuous newsfeed.

Interest Groups 👥

The Community is made up of spaces called Groups. Each group caters to a specific interest in the world of AI/Machine Learning/Data Science. Whether you are interested in the technical deployment of an AI model or the business transformative aspects of AI, join a group that interests you. If you feel really passionate about a topic that no one else is talking about yet, you can start your own and attract like-minded folks! Be sure to follow the guidelines when doing so.

Of course, we have not forgotten our LearnAI members who have found the original forum so useful. We have set up dedicated groups you can join to make your AI journey more fruitful.

Discussion Forums 💬

Forums are found within groups to provide a structured environment for fruitful discussions to take place. We hope that as you discuss, learnings take place and everyone wins. Do observe the Code of Conduct put in place.

Social Networking 🙋

What is social networking without a personal page? Here, you can tell the Community more about yourself.

Found someone you think will be interested in a collaboration? Drop him/her a private message! Or make a call for collaborators in the Seeking Collaborators group.

Got business problem or solution? 🤝

We provide spaces for people to come together in the AI Solution Seekers and AI Solution Providers groups. Spell out your business problem and look for offers. Or go out and show what cool stuff you can deliver.

Where’s the party? 📣

If you are organising an event for the AI/ML/Data Science community, you will want to broadcast the details in the Events group. We look forward to seeing a vibrant calendar of happenings in Singapore’s AI scene.

And much more …

As the Singapore AI ecosystem strengthens and matures, we hope the AI Singapore Community social network serves the needs of those interested in AI, regardless of their specialty or the stage in their journey. All are welcome under one roof. Come right in and see!


  • Basil is the technical community manager and editor at AI Singapore, committed to bringing Singapore's AI ecosystem to new levels by working through communities, teams and individuals. Dream big or go home!

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