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Ideate. Prioritise. Execute.

AI Advisory helps organisations accelerate their AI journey.

We advise companies’ management on latest AI applications in their industries, conduct workshops to crystallise AI use cases, and execute AI model development in an agile, quick to market manner. This is done through our AI Advisory programmes such as the AI Readiness Index (AIRI), AI Clinic, AI Discovery and AI Advisory Projects. 

We are the catalyst for AI digital transformation.

AI Advisory Programmes Overview

The programmes in AI Advisory is structured around our AI Readiness Index (AIRI) – an industry-focused AI readiness assessment framework developed by AI Singapore – to help identify where an organization is on their AI journey (or AI readiness).

The table below shows the four AI readiness categories: AI Unaware, AI Aware, AI Ready, and AI Competent; and the AI Singapore’s programmes which can be used to assist an organization.

AI Clinic and AI Advisory Projects are suitable for companies classified under AI Unaware, AI Aware, or AI Ready. The programmes are designed to support companies in implementing short-term AI projects. During AI Clinic, we will share industry-specific AI use cases and how they are applied to solve business challenges. AISG can assist interested organisations to implement such AI use cases in their organisations if they are keen.

AI Discovery is suitable for companies classified as AI Aware, AI Ready, or AI Competent. During AI Discovery, AISG will facilitate discussions among the organisation’s stakeholders to ideate and prioritise use cases for AI development. The organisation can then execute these prioritised AI use cases under our 100 Experiments (100E) programme.

  • Interactive and prescriptive theme-based workshop
  • Modelled after AISG’s experience in identifying AI use cases and advising business leaders
  • Helps companies to get started quickly in AI
  • Structured approach to ideating and prioritizing use cases for AI development
  • Inspired by Design Sprint and adapted based on AISG’s advisory experience
  • Helps organizations improve the success rate and value obtained from their AI initiatives

AI Advisory Projects

  • Short-term AI solutions development for common use cases
  • Re-uses AI Bricks developed by AI Singapore
  • Low-risk, quick to market development approach

How AI Clinic and AI Discovery Help Organisations Overcome AI Adoption Challenges

How to find out latest AI applications specific to my industry/function? 

AI Clinic

How to get started in AI at minimum cost and risk?

AI Ready Bricks

How to ideate and identify right use cases for AI adoption?

AI Discovery (Ideation)

How to ensure we have the right data for AI model development?

AI Discovery (Prioritisation)

How to develop customised AI solution and build my organisational AI capabilities?

100Experiments +
AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)/
AI Data Apprenticeship Programme (AIDP)

How AI Advisory Helps Organisation to Accelerate AI Adoption

For AI UnawareAI Aware, or AI Ready organisations looking to get started quickly with AI in a low-cost and low-risk manner

For AI Aware, AI Ready, or AI Competent organisations looking to get customised AI solutions for unique business needs

What are AI Clinics and AI Discovery workshops?

Ready to get started on your AI journey?

Contact us to organize an AI Clinic for you and your industry peers, or a 1-on-1 AI Discovery workshops to find out where AI can help you, and how to prioritize your AI journey.

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