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InnoBrain for Artificial Creativity

Associate Professor Jianxi Luo

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Project Description

AI is underdeveloped for creative ideation at the fuzzy front end of innovation processes. We develop a first-of-its kind computational system “InnoBrain” to provide “artificial creativity”, or creative artificial intelligence in computer ideation for new technology-based design concepts for innovation. InnoBrain mimics a human brain via the synthesis of an artificial “memory” that stores and organizes the world’s historical and growing data on technologies, and an artificial “mind” that responds to external stimuli to retrieve and combine prior knowledge into new concepts. InnoBrain is built on the novel synthesis of design science, network science and artificial intelligence (AI). InnoBrain provides knowledge-based and explainable AI for creative ideation, extending beyond the more popular AI centred on classification and optimization tasks.

Research Technical Areas

Cognitive modelling and systems

Knowledge representation and reasoning

Natural language processing

Benefits to the society

InnoBrain breaks the path to new knowledge-based Creative AI (CAI) capabilities and applications, by augmenting creativity in engineering design and problem solving in diverse engineering domains as well as technology-related planning or management. With InnoBrain, even a novice engineer or analyst without extensive knowledge and creative thinking skills can be empowered to work more creatively on technology-related tasks that would otherwise require knowledgeable experts, creative mindsets or gut feeling and serendipity. This project will also nurture a culture that values creativity and innovation in the AI research and developer community and contribute to the development of a more knowledge-intensive and innovation-driven economy.

Team's Principal Investigator

Associate Professor Jianxi Luo
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Introduction of the Principal Investigator

Jianxi Luo is a tenured Associate Professor with the Singapore University of Technology & Design, Director of Data-Driven Innovation Lab, and Director of SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme. He holds B.E. and M.S. in Engineering from Tsinghua University, S.M. in Technology Policy and PhD in Engineering Systems from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design and Technology Innovation. He has >100 publications and won >a dozen best paper or research awards from international academic societies. He had been a faculty member at New York University, visiting scholar at Columbia University (NYC) and Cambridge University (UK).

Recent Notable Awards

  • Best Paper Award, International Conference on Design Theory & Methodology, Anaheim, California, 2019
  • “Excellence in Research”, University Award, Singapore University of Technology & Design, 2018
  • “Reviewers’ Favourite” Paper Award, International Conference on Engineering Design, Milan, Italy, 2015


Co- Principal Investigator

Associate Professor Wei Lu

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Research Areas:

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Machine Learning and Statistics

Professor Kristin L. Wood

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Research Areas:

  1. Creative Design Cognition
  2. Engineering Design


Professor Arthur B. Markman, University of Texas
Research Interests: Knowledge representation & reasoning, cognitive science & creativity

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