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AI Singapore (AISG) new Student Outreach Programme encourages students to form Student User Groups (SUG) to promote AI literacy and experiment with our open-source AI tools  ‘AI BRICKS’ to develop solutions for their schools and real-world needs.  In addition, SUG members will gain exposure to AI practitioners, engineers and companies (including govt agencies) who are deploying real-world AI solutions. 


This programme aims to kickstart students in their AI learning journey and includes different levels to cater to their various needs and interests.  Students from local government subsidised Secondary Schools, Integrated Programme (IP) Schools, Junior Colleges, Institutes of Technical Education, Polytechnics and Universities will be able to participate in the programme. 

Through this programme, students will gain: 

  • Programming skills like Python and/or R;
  • Critical thinking skills needed to navigate and adapt to the changing world
  • Practical experience and knowledge in AI projects

AISG Student Outreach Programme consists of 5 levels:

Level 1 promotes the formation of Student User Groups (SUG) to get members started on their AI learning journey and leads to the Literacy in AI Certification. 



  • Students forming a SUG must be currently enrolled in a local government subsidised Secondary School, IP Schools, Junior Colleges, Institutes of Technical Education, Polytechnics and Universities


  • Application will be online (see “Starting a Student User Group”)
  • An appointed Student Leader will apply on behalf of each SUG


  • ‘AI for Everyone’ and ‘Literacy in AI’ courses
  • AISG will provide reimbursement for workshops organised by SUG.   Details will be provided in due time

Criteria to start a SUG

  • Minimum of 20 members to start
  • 70% of members must be Singaporeans and/or Singapore Permanent Residents(SPR)
  • To accept Terms of Reference during the online application.  Details will be provided in due time

Terms of Reference

  • Have AI/ML as a primary focus 
  • Adhere to the code of conduct published on the AISG Community website 
  • Agree to participate in AISG Student User Group and use Group page to announce and track meetings 
  • Acknowledge AISG as a sponsor and display the AISG logo on the group’s website / social media
  • Agree to contribute at least one blog post per year about their group’s activities
  • Agree to organize at least 1 workshop per year

Level 2 allows SUG members to get discounted LearnAI premium subscriptions and an opportunity to obtain ‘Foundations in AI’ Certification for free.


  • Student must complete both ‘AI for Everyone’ and ‘Literacy in AI’ courses in LearnAI
  • Student must be a current SUG member


  • Application will open twice a year to only registered SUG
  • An appointed Student Leader will apply on behalf of each SUG
  • Minimum of 20 SUG members per application


  • Student will get 100% reimbursement for their LearnAI premium subscription if he or she completes ‘Foundations in AI’ within six (6) months from start date

Level 3 is a hackathon organised by AI Singapore for SUG members to test their python proficiency after obtaining ‘Foundations in AI’ certificate.  However, they are not required to participate in the hackathon in order to progress to Level 4. 


  • Open to SUG members


  • Details for application will be provided during each hackathon event promotion period


  • Prizes will be awarded

Level 4 is a self directed learning path for SUG members which will lead to the Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification. 

Details will be provided in due time. 

Level 5 is a 3 to 6 months paid internship with AI Singapore where successful applicants will work alongside AISG’s AI engineers and AI Apprentices on real world industry projects with deployment deliverables.  

Details will be provided in due time.

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