AI Innovation

AI Singapore ‘s industry and talent development programmes to accelerate AI adoption and  knowledge in Singapore.

100 Experiments

Accelerate the adoption of AI by Singapore-based companies, organisations and agencies

Talent Development

Accelerate and grow the AI engineering talent pool and depth in Singapore, and bring AI to Everyone

100 Experiments

100Experiments (100E) is AI Singapore’s flagship programme to solve industries’ artificial intelligence (AI) problem statements and help them build their own AI team.

Talent Development

AI Singapore’s talent programmes focus primarily on working professionals who are keen to embark on the AI journey. We will help them acquire the relevant skills, be data-aware and AI-ready through the AI for Industry and AI Apprenticeship Programmes. 

However, it is also important for the general public to gain awareness of AI and the potential benefits (and impacts) it will bring to the market. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive and broad-based 3-hour workshop on an overview of AI – AI for Everyone – which is FREE for anyone to attend. 

AI is here to stay. It is a tool which everyone needs to know and leverage, especially for our next-generation. AI Singapore have partnered with DataCamp to bring their innovative online data-science learning platform at no costs to all Secondary schools, Junior Colleges, ITEs, Polytechnic and Universities.

Talent Development Programmes

AI for Everyone (AI4E)

This 3-hour seminar aims to provide a comprehensive overview of AI: how it all started, key concepts such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to help individuals understand what is AI (and data science) and enable them to identify potential use cases in their own companies and daily lives.

AI for Industry (AI4I)

AI for Industry (AI4I) is a fully online programme to help learners gain proficiency in python and be able to program basic AI and data applications. The programme is hosted on the AI Makerspace online platform. DataCamp is used as a resource to support the learning required to complete the programme. Register any time and start learning!

AI for Students (AI4S)

AI Singapore have partnered with DataCamp to bring their premium data-science, machine learning and AI curriculum to ALL Singapore public schools and institutions of higher learning at NO COSTS to the schools. Teachers and lecturers will only need to submit their proposed curriculum to AI Singapore to provide access for them and their students.

AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)

The 9-month full-time AIAP programme was conceptualized to meet AI Singapore's own requirements for AI Engineers for our 100 Experiments programme and to build a talent pipeline of AI Engineers for the industry. The Apprentice must be a Singaporean and holds a recognized degree. He/She is also required to pass a series of tests and interviews to get into the programme.

AI Data Apprenticeship Programme (AIDP)

AIDP is a new 6-month, full time on-the-job training programme in data curation for AI solutions. It comprises 2 months of coursework on data curation and basic data engineering techniques and 4 months of hands-on training on a real industry project.

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