The Chartered AI Engineer is an industry-recognized qualification that certifies the professional skills of a practising AI Engineer.

AI Certification

AI impacts the lives of everyone today, and AI systems that are deployed must follow standards (if available) and be designed and deployed by suitably trained and qualified professionals.

The AICE programme intends to provide a peer-endorsed qualification and certification programme modelled after similar programmes like the Professional Engineering Board and Chartered Financial Accountant body.

When (and if) AI regulation becomes the law, qualified AI Engineers (or AI Auditors) will be required to review, endorse and certify a certain class of deployed AI systems.

We envision the AICE to be such a candidate.

Chartered AI Engineer (CAIE)
The Straits Times. 30 OCT 2019

AI Singapore pioneered the original AI Certified Engineer (AICE) programme in 2019 and completed several certification runs.

In 2020 we helped form the AI Professionals Association (AIP) to take over the certification programme so that it becomes an industry professional qualification for the AI professionals in the industry. AIP re-branded AICE as the Chartered AI Engineer (CAIE) profession to better reflect the intent and purpose of this professional certification.

AIP now runs the Chartered AI Engineer professional qualification and certification programme to recognize and award credentials to AI professionals based on their competencies and work experiences.  

The Chartered AI Engineer (CAIE) certification is neither a course nor an academic programme.

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