How is Assessment 1 conducted?

Assessment 1 is a 60 minutes online assessment and the minimum passing score is 72. It consists of two parts: Coding challenges and Multiple choice questions.

The coding challenges will assess your knowledge of Python and SQL. There will be 4 questions. The maximum score for each question is 10. This section will contribute 70% of your total mark.

The multiple choice questions assess your knowledge in Python, Software Engineering and AI & ML (refer to AIAP® Field Guide here). There will be 15 questions with equal weightage. This section will contribute 30% of your total mark.

The link to the assessment will be sent to your registered email after submitting your AIAP® application. You can attempt the assessment at your convenient timing. Do note that the link will expire 1 day after the AIAP® application deadline.

You can only attempt the assessment once. AISG will provide a trial assessment to help you get familiarized with the assessment workflow. You can find the link to the trial assessment in the same email. 

There is a concurrency limit imposed by the assessment platform (50 candidates at any given time and the rest will be held in a virtual waiting room). Hence, do account for such potential delays when planning your assessment schedule and avoid attempting the assessment at the last minute.