How is Assessment 2 conducted?

Candidates who have passed Assessment 1 will be invited to Assessment 2 via their registered email.

The second assessment consists of two parts: Exploratory Data Analysis and End-to-end machine learning pipeline.

You are given 6 days to complete the above-mentioned tasks based on a given problem statement.

Your exploratory data analysis is to be performed in a Jupyter notebook (.ipynb file format).

Your end-to-end machine learning pipeline is to be developed in Python scripts (.py file format).

Your submission will be assessed in the following four areas: Appropriate data processing methods, Insightful exploratory data analysis, Appropriate model development pipeline and Programming proficiency.

If you pass Assessment 2, you will be shortlisted to proceed to Assessment 3. This will involve a Technical presentation & Group exercise Please note: Shortlisted candidates are expected to present their technical solution which was submitted for Assessment 2.