What are the differences between 100 Experiments for Industry (100E4I) and 100 Experiments for Research (100E4R)

  100E4I 100E4R
Collaboration duration 9 months 18-24 months
Project duration 7 months 18-24 months
Who develops the AI Minimal Viable Model (MVM)?

AISG engineering team:

  • Project Manager
  • AI Engineer cum Mentor
  • AI Apprentices
Principle Investigator (PI) and team from A*STAR, NUS, NTU, SMU, SIT, SUSS or SUTD

Who owns the IP?

*Regardless of IP arrangements, any foreground IP resulting from the 100E will be retained for research purposes.

Solely owned by Project Sponsor

At 30% cash contribution, IP is jointly owned (Tenants in Common) between Project Sponsor and the research institution where PI is from.

At 50% cash contribution, IP is solely owned by Project Sponsor.

AISG Grant S$180,000.00 (includes IRC) S$250,000.00 (includes IRC)
Cash & In-Kind Contributions by the Project Sponsor


S$69,336.00 (includes IRC & GST)

In-Kind (manpower):

Minimum S$126,000.00

Cash comprising of: 

Minimum 30%: S$75,000.00

IRC: stated by research institution

GST: 7% or prevailing rate

In-Kind (manpower):

Minimum S$175,000.00

Which party receives the AISG grant and the cash contribution?


Assemble the AI engineering team


Hire research and engineering team

IRC:  Indirect Research Costs