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Delivering A Personalised Experience For Library Users

The user experience is very important to NUS Libraries. With eight libraries under its wing, a good experience is not just about making it convenient for users to search across multiple databases; it is also about delivering personalised recommendations to engage them on wider and more in-depth use of library resources. The National University of

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Growing the TagUI Community

TagUI RPA is a free and leading open-source RPA tool by AI Singapore.It is perfect for automating ad-hoc workflows done at individual or department levels. Whether your company is new to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or an experienced enterprise using commercial RPA tools, TagUI provides the lowest risk to entry and lowest TCO (total cost of

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A Simple 3-Step Framework for Machine Learning Workflows

It’s one thing to build a platform tool that integrates Machine Learning workflows, but it’s another to build it for non-tech run-of-the-mill, people-like-you-and-me employees to navigate and use. Here at AI Singapore (AISG), we want to embrace an inclusive design for Machine Learning Platforms such that any business or startup can not only use AI

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Using AI With Confidence

Ensuring robustness in AI systems against malicious attacks garners greater attention Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exploded in capability and is becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives. From Tesla’s Autopilot[1] to wider adoption of voice assistance found on smartphones to diagnostics assistance for medical workers in medical imaging and more

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