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Supporting the TagUI Telegram Community with Hasky

TagUI is a free Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool offered by AI Singapore. It also has a thriving international user community that builds applications with it across different domains. While the TagUI GitHub page is the go-to place for their work, users have also found value in joining the official Telegram chat group to get

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Deepfakes & Misinformation: The Ethics Behind AI

(This article was contributed by the SMU AISG Student Chapter) Deepfakes are fake events, commonly the swapping of faces and/or manipulation of facial expressions, which largely resemble the real thing but are in fact artificially created by leveraging on deep learning, a form of artificial intelligence. To put it briefly, an artificial neural network is

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Unleashing the Enormous Value of Enriched Geospatial Data

How do you predict the travel time distribution of a user while factoring in the effect of a traffic disruption on a nearby road? How do you keep track of users’ locations at scale and identify those with similar travel patterns? These are just two of the many research questions that Professor Cong Gao of

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Learning from Real-World Graphs

What can real-world graphs tell us? This is an area that Assistant Professor Bryan Hooi from the National University of Singapore is delving into as he researches methods for graph-based learning. Graphs are a way of representing objects and the relationships between them, and they are ubiquitous in many areas – from representing relationships and

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