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AI Governance

AI Governance

Artificial Intelligence and the Limits of Legal Personality

The Annual ICLQ Lecture this year was based on the paper ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Limits of Legal Personality’ by Professor Simon Chesterman, Dean of the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore and Senior Director of AI Governance, AI Singapore. The article examines the debate whether artificial intelligence systems should be granted some form

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AI Governance

AI Governance Conference – Coming soon on 14 July 2021

Singapore’s AI Governance Conference 2021 brings together industry thought leaders, policymakers and experts from the East and West to discuss leading technological trends and their implications for businesses and policy making, and provide insights on the value of AI governance to industry. Attendees can also learn about the successes of implementations of Trustworthy AI in

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Recent Articles

New AI Readiness Index framework to increase awareness & boost AI adoption in Singapore

AISG has unveiled its AI Readiness Index (AIRI), a comprehensive and easy-to-implement industry-focused framework which enables organisations to self-assess the status of their artificial intelligence (AI) adoption readiness. Subsequently, they can leverage appropriate programmes to embark on a journey to improve their AI readiness. AISG has enabled companies to build production-ready AI solutions over the

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Integrating DVC Into AI Singapore’s Data Platform

(By Desiree Chen) When working on projects, AI Engineers and AI Apprentices conduct multiple experiments with various hyperparameters being involved. There will be several versions of data and models to be tracked. Such tracking allows one team member to reproduce the experiment conducted by another team member and perhaps subsequently improve on the model. Data Version Control (DVC) provides

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Supporting the TagUI Telegram Community with Hasky

TagUI is a free Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool offered by AI Singapore. It also has a thriving international user community that builds applications with it across different domains. While the TagUI GitHub page is the go-to place for their work, users have also found value in joining the official Telegram chat group to get

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