The Trusted Media Challenge was a five-month long competition aimed at attracting the AI community to design and test out AI models and solutions that will easily detect audiovisual fake media, where both video and audio modalities may be modified.

The initiative – targeted at AI enthusiasts and researchers from around the world – aims to also strengthen Singapore’s position as a global AI hub by incentivising involvement of international contributors, and sourcing innovation ideas globally.

Participants in this Challenge had access to datasets of original and fake media videos with audio. The Challenge was conducted in partnership with Mediacorp’s CNA and Singapore Press Holdings’ The Straits Times, who have provided about 800 real video clips including news and interviews. In addition, custom videos were collected from consented actors. In total, there are approximately 4,000 real clips and 8,000 fake video clips for the participants to train and test their models on.

Target Audience

The Challenge was open to researchers and industry professionals from around the globe, or anyone who is interested and/or experienced in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, especially in media forensics. Participants had to build AI models that estimate the probability that any given video is fake.


The winner that emerges from this Challenge stands to earn prize money of S$100,000 and a start-up grant of S$300,000 to develop their solutions further, using Singapore as the development base. Prizes and start-up grants will be awarded to the top three winners. The total prize money amounts to S$700,000 (about US$500,000).

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