As part of our mission to make artificial intelligence (AI) accessible and beneficial for businesses, we’ve developed a suite of user-friendly, open-source AI products, toolkits, and frameworks. Discover more about our offerings below:

AI-Ready Bricks

AI-Ready Bricks are plug-and-play AI/ML pipelines built on the Microsoft Azure machine learning (ML) platform. 

CV Hub

Humans rely heavily on our sense of sight to gain information about our environment. 

Speech Lab

Speech recognition helps you convert audio to text. Our speech engine recognises and transcribes English, Mandarin and Singlish.


Rapidly automate your repetitive or time-critical task such as data acquisition and testing of web apps.


CUDO allows you to consolidate orders and optimise route schedules for delivering goods to retail malls. 


We offer tools to anyone or any company who wishes to utilise the power of language processing to its fullest potential.


Synergos is an open-source Federated Learning platform to make Federated Learning accessible and sustainable.


StorywrAIter is developed to encourage creativity and storytelling among children .