Natural Language Processing or NLP has been around since the time programmable digital computers were invented. It is only natural that we would like computers to be able to ‘understand’ our language if we want them to assist us in many aspects of our life that involve communication. As with the other fields of Artificial Intelligence, NLP has seen great development in the last decade, combining its rich fundamentals and research with modern computing power and new model architectures to achieve new heights in language understanding and implementation.

In NLP Hub, we focus on building products that will bring those elements together and create tools that are not yet available in the market. We aim to make those tools accessible to anyone or any company who wishes to utilise the power of language processing to its fullest potential.

In addition, we aim to bring local research and languages of the region (Southeast Asia) to the forefront, developing the necessary tools and models that would help companies grow.

Our Projects

To that end and with a holistic end-to-end approach in mind we have been working recently on 2 main projects:


Aims to bridge the gap between the industry and Singapore-based research groups to accelerate the growth of applied and translational research in NLP.

Current tools and APIs:
  • Conversational Tools
  • Grammar Correction
  • Knowledge Mining
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis


Aims to promote the development of NLP in Southeast Asia and be the central hub for it. The current focus is on “core” NLP – tasks such as part-of-speech tagging, syntactic parsing or semantic role labelling etc. for Southeast Asian languages.

Current tools and APIs:
  • Text Segmentation
  • Token-level Tagging
  • Syntactic Parsing

Let’s Collaborate!

SG-NLP and Sea-CoreNLP are open-sourced projects and we welcome contributors and collaborators who wish to expand the capabilities of the project, contribute datasets and are especially keen to work with companies who are keen to adopt and use the code.