100 Experiments (100E) is AI Singapore’s flagship programme to solve industries’ artificial intelligence (AI) problem statements and help them build their own AI teams.

An organisation can propose 100E problem statements where no commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) AI solution exists, but they can potentially be solved by Singapore’s ecosystem of researchers and AI Singapore’s engineering team within 7 to 18 months.

100E PRogramme Structure

AI Singapore will provide co-funding of up to SGD$330,000 per 100E project for the Principal Investigators (PI) from Singapore’s autonomous universities, A*STAR research institutes or other Singapore-based publicly funded research institutions to work on the organisation’s problem statement. The organisation is then required to match the funding in-kind (AI/engineering/IT/domain manpower) and in cash.

An engineering team from AI Singapore will be assigned to join the PI and his research team for a 12 to 18-month 100E project or fully undertake a 9-month 100E project to develop and deploy an AI minimum viable model. The AI Singapore team is staffed by full-time AI, data and platform engineers as well as apprentices from the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)®.

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Besides building the AI Model, we will also:

  • Work with project sponsors to define the AI problem statement 
  • Design of AI infrastructure and architecture (if required)
  • Match project sponsors with AI AI Engineers (apprentices who have completed the AIAP®)
Two 100E Tracks to Better Meet Industry needs

Who are the Apprentices?

  • Singaporean professional
  • Passionate about data, AI and ML and have self-taught himself or herself AI/ML.
  • Would have completed a 100E project valued between $360K – $660K.

100E Projects Snapshot

As of 2020, the number of 100E projects AI Singapore will support has been increased from 100 to 200.




In progress


Short Industry Projects

We understand not all AI projects are complex and require 7 – 18 months to complete. Very often you needed the solution last week.

AI Singapore’s Short Industry Project (SIP) programme is designed to help companies with such problem statements. SIP is undertaken by our AI Engineers and typically last not more than 4-months.

Need a bespoke AI Solution and Talents?

AI Singapore’s 100E team can work with you to refine your problem statement, find suitable AI researchers and assemble an AI engineering team to solve your AI problem statement. There are also trained AIAP graduates who are certified AI Engineers that you can hire!