The AI vs COVID-19 Ideation Challenge Has Been Completed!

Congratulations to our 10 winners!
We wish to thank everyone who has participated in this challenge.

Title of ProposalName of Student(s)Name of Institution
Crowd AvoiderKoh Tat YaoDunman High
COVID – Contain Outbreak
through Video Identification and Detection
Muhammad Khair B Abdul Rahim, 
Muhammad Hady Nawfal B Norhizam,
Muhammad Haziq B Mohamed Zuffri,
Muhammad Irfan B Johani
ITE, College Central
Data-driven Readiness and Risk Evaluator
Leow Cong ShengNTU
Improving Healthcare EfficiencyBryan Sim ,Verity Lim,
Matthias Loong, Dylan Koh
Temasek Polytechnic
MentalityRose Evangeline Anne Dagman DestorDunman High
Customised Teaching AssistantHuang XiaolingSMU
Bamboo: An App for Home-based LearningLeow Yi YangHwa Chong Institution
Personalised AI Job Portal for Job SeekersAng Song GeeSUTD
Food Recipe and Grocery List Organising using AI Image RecognitionElijah Chia, Eugene Foo, Ryan HoNanyang Polytechnic
Fast DeliveryAng Jyan Yue, Ang Hong LiTemasek Secondary,
Hwa Chong Institution

AI vs X Ideation Challenges are global competitions which aim to discover innovative ideas for solving pressing socioeconomic issues through the application of AI technologies using a challenge-based approach. Each competition has a specific theme, denoted by the letter “X”. To be considered, ideation proposals must provide a comprehensive problem statement and its impact, an analysis of the latest advancements in the field, a plan for constructing datasets, evaluation metrics, a feasibility analysis, and an assessment of its translation potential. The top finalists will present their proposals and compete for cash prizes.

Past Ideation Challenges

To deepen the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for digital transformation, AI Singapore has launched the Smart City Ideation Challenge with the aim of seeking insights from the global AI community on “What are the AI problems worth solving towards Smart City Sustainability?”

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The AI vs Covid-19 Ideation Challenge aimed to inspire the generation of creative and innovative ideas utilising AI methods and technologies to enhance the quality of life for individuals during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Click here for more information.

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