StorywrAIter is an AI-assisted writing tool that enables parents and children to work together to create children’s stories in the Malay Language. The tool provides guidance in the idea development process, offers suggestions when the writer is stuck, and generates a first draft. Users can edit the first draft and create a final piece.

StorywrAIter is developed to encourage creativity and storytelling among children while exploring the capabilities of large language models in low resource languages.

Key Features

Quickly Create Engaging Stories

Bring your child’s ideas to life with our easy-to-use interface, designed to help you effortlessly craft highly readable stories that will delight and entertain.

Never Get Stuck with Writer’s Block

Use our library of preloaded characters and story lines to provide ideas whenever you’re stuck, ensuring your stories never lose their momentum.

Share the Magic with Friends and Family

Easily share your masterpieces with loved ones and spread the joy of storytelling.

Use Cases

  • Create and share stories among family and friends
  • Enhance your child’s storytelling skills by working together to create their story

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