AI Governance Research Grant Call 2021

The AI Governance Research Grant Call 2021 will fund multi-disciplinary research reflecting novel ideas/visions that are underexplored, and/or also have a clear and significant social impact.

AI Singapore invites proposals in advanced research focusing on the following themes:

Theme One: Trustworthy AI – Should we trust AI?​

Transformative technology offers tremendous opportunities but raises ethical concerns and the potential for harm. We invite research that mitigates the risks of AI through promoting fairness, accountability, transparency, ethics, and safety. Governance is broadly understood to include laws, markets, networks, standards, and other tools.

Theme Two: Trust in AI – Will we trust AI?

The utilisation of AI will be enhanced by faith that the end-to-end process is robust and accountable. We invite interdisciplinary research into understanding the factors that shape perceptions of human-machine interaction, influencing the adoption of beneficial AI.

What are we looking for?

  • Proposals that bring non-traditional perspectives on questions of AI Governance, e.g. from the humanities and social sciences. This might include perspectives from anthropology, communications, economics (including behavioural economics), education, law, neuroscience, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology, among other fields.
  • Technical proposals are also welcome, but those with an interdisciplinary focus are more likely to be supported.
  • Proposals that build on existing work in this broad area but bring a regional focus to bear. This might include examining the impact of different histories/cultures/social institutions on the broad questions of AI governance.
  • All proposals should focus on a specific question and have a clear research focus.

Other Highlights

  • Principal Investigators (PIs) should have a full-time appointment at a Singapore-based Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) or Research Institution (RI). They should also have a track record of leadership ability in coordinating research programmes and providing mentorships to the research teams, as well as having productive research outcomes.
  • The Programme will support each project for a duration of up to 3 years. Funding for each proposal will be capped at a maximum of S$ 500,000 for single Principal Investigator (PI) projects and S$ 1,500,000 for multi-PI/discipline/institution projects (inclusive of 30% IRC)
Funding (Inclusive of 30% IRC)CategoryDuration
Tier 1$500,000Single PIUp to 3 years
Tier 2$1,500,000Multiple PI
Up to 3 years

AI Governance Research Grant Call 2021 is now closed.


ItemKey Dates
Softcopy of proposal submission opens3 November 2021
Closing date for softcopy proposal submission (via Grant Portal)11 January 2022
Evaluation and selection of proposalsJanuary – April 2022
Release of outcome and awardEnd April / Early May 2022
Project commencement1 July 2022

Guides & Documents

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