Application for the previous intake is now closed. Stay tuned for updates on the next application window.

AISG PhD Fellowship Programme

The AISG PhD Fellowship Programme supports top AI research talents in pursuing their PhD in Singapore-based Autonomous Universities (AUs)*.

We aim to nurture and train top AI talents in advanced fundamental AI research to produce state-of-the-art AI algorithms, models and systems.

In addition, we hope that these talents will contribute to the other pillars of AI Singapore, the local AI eco-system and society. 

* Autonomous Universities (AUs): National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Key Highlights

  • No restriction on nominees’ nationality.
  • Aims to increase Singapore’s visibility and presence on AI fundamental research by publishing in top-tier AI conferences and journals.
  • Allows participation in AISG initiatives of other pillars such as 100Experiments, AI Makerspace, AI Grand Challenges and AI Technology Challenges.
  • A competitive stipend of up to S$6,000 monthly, on top of other allowances and full tuition fees, support up to four years of studies at Singapore-based AUs
  • AISG PhD fellows are to publish novel and significant AI fundamental research publications at top-tier venues defined by AISG from the point of award until their PhD candidature period conclude.

Key Research Focus Themes

  • Trustworthy and explainable AI
    • Boost AI adoption
    • Build on Singapore’s “trust” brand
  • Privacy-aware AI
    • Demand from regulators and consumers
    • Learn from sensitive datasets while preserving the privacy of Individuals
  • Resource-efficient AI
    • Small-country – small dataset
    • Learning from small but quality datasets
  • Collaborative AI
    • Strengths in NLP and diversity as a testbed
  • Continuous Learning AI
    • Autonomous incremental learning AI towards Artificial General Intelligence

Eligibility Criteria

  • Interested applicants intending to pursue a Full-time PhD and existing PhD candidates (must be 2 years or less into PhD) in Singapore-based AUs. 
  • Interested applicants or existing PhD candidates with a strong interest in AI fundamental research are highly encouraged to apply for the AISG PhD Fellowship.
  • Applicants/Candidates who are Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Resident or those from ASEAN Countries are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Process (For Students)

Please note that each institution has a different PhD application deadline. Hence, please verify according to the website.

For new applicants interested in this PhD Fellowship Programme, please submit your application through the intended AU’s website as per the usual channel for PhD application.



01 Oct (of prior year) to 31 Jan (of intake year)


01 Jun (of prior year) to 31 Jul (of prior year)



SoC (all):
15 Dec (of prior year)

International / Local-with-round-1-scholarship
– 1 Jan (intake year)

Local-with-no-scholarship / Local-with-round-2-scholarship
– 1 April (intake year)


International – 15 Jun (of prior year); Local – 15 Sept (of prior year)

International / Local-with-round-1-scholarship
– 1 Jul (of prior year)

Local-with-no-scholarship / Local-with-round-2-scholarship
– 1 Sept (of prior year)



01 Aug (of prior year) to 31 Jan (of intake year)


01 Feb (of prior year) to 30 Jun (of prior year)



31 Mar (of intake year)


30 Sep (of prior year)

For existing PhD candidates, please contact each AU’s graduate office for more details.

For any enquiries regarding this Fellowship Programme,