AI Advisory helps organisations accelerate their AI journey by leveraging AI Singapore’s AI Readiness Index as a framework to understand where they are in their AI maturity and hence what intervention would be required.

We advise companies’ management on the latest AI applications in their industries, conduct workshops to crystallise AI use cases and execute AI model development in an agile, quick-to-market manner. This is done through our AI Advisory programmes, such as the AI Readiness Index (AIRI), AI Clinics for Leaders, AI Discovery workshops and Short Industry Projects. 

The programmes in AI Advisory are structured around our AI Readiness Index (AIRI) – an industry-focused AI readiness assessment framework developed by AI Singapore – to help identify where an organization is on their AI journey (or AI readiness).

AI Readiness Index

The table below shows the four AI readiness categories: AI Unaware, AI Aware, AI Ready, and AI Competent, and AI Singapore’s programmes which can be used to assist an organization.

AI Unaware AI Aware AI Ready AI Competent
Average Score Less than 2.5 2.5 to 3.4 3.5 to 4.5 Greater than 4.5
Interpretation Organisation might hear about AI, but is unaware of AI applications. Organisation is aware of AI applications and could identify potential use cases. Organisation has the capabilities to integrate pre-trained AI models into products or business processes. Organisation has the capabilities to develop customised AI models and solutions for specific business needs.
Characteristics Wait for vendors to convince with use cases and business value of AI Consume ready-made AI solutions  Actively seek AI solutions to address business needs. Able to identified potential use cases for AI applications, and consume ready-made AI solutions. Evaluate and seek AI APIs, SDKs and pre-trained AI models for use within business. Have strategy and roadmap of AI deployment for organisation.
Recommendation Increase AI literacy of organisation. Consume ready-made, end-to-end, COTS AI solutions. Prepare organisation to adopt and integrate AI solution. Broaden understanding of AI to whole of organisation. Deepen organisational AI capabilities. Broaden understanding of AI to whole of organisation.
AI Singapore
Advisory and Roadmaps AI Advisory Programmes: Discovery Workshops, AI Ready Clinics for Leaders
Skills and Training AI For Everyone (AI4E), Data Analytics For Everyone
LearnAI: AI For Industry (AI4I), AIAP Field Guide
AI Certification
Capabilities AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP), LLM Application Developer Programme (LADP)
Innovation 100Experiments (100E)
Data and Tools Makerspace Bricks

AI For Leaders

AI For Leaders are for decision-makers and leaders in AI Aware or AI Ready organisations. The programmes are designed to support management in identifying a suitable AI journey and first AI projects and implementing the project potentially either as an AI Singapore co-funded short industry project or 100E.

GettinG to AI READY

AI for Leaders

Developed for decision-makers and leaders who have started their AI journey, already understand what AI can do for them, and now wants to start their first AI project.

Demystify AI


A recap of what AI is and is not. This is so that we have a baseline to discuss the rest of the topics. It is expected that the participant would have completed the free AI For Everyone (AI4E) programme at LearnAI.

AI Project


Leveraging our AI Project Canvas, you will quickly identify the key topics and areas you need to focus on while planning your AI project. This is especially important if you plan to submit for support under the 100E programme.

AI Readiness


We will discuss what is the AI Readiness Index and how you can use it to plan your organization’s AI journey.

AI Talents


Learn how AI Singapore managed to build up from 4 to more than “200” AI engineers without competing in the red ocean with the big tech firms. We will share our apprenticeship model which you can leverage on or even replicate back in your organization.

AI Discovery

AI Discovery is suitable for organisations classified as AI Ready and is prepared to invest time and resources to start their first AI project with AI Singapore under our 100E programme. During AI Discovery, AISG will facilitate discussions among the organisation’s stakeholders to ideate and prioritise use cases for AI development. The organisation can then execute these prioritised AI use cases under our 100 Experiments (100E) programme.

The AI Discovery programme helps organisations improve the success rate and value obtained from their AI initiatives by using a proven, structured approach to ideating and prioritising use cases for AI development.

Inspired by Google’s Design Sprint, we have adapted it to suit our requirements based on AI Singapore’s (AISG) experience in providing advisory services to businesses to identify, scope and develop AI solutions.AI Discovery consists of two separate 2.5-hour workshops: Ideation and Prioritisation. The sessions are held on separate days and are conducted either physically (recommended) or via videoconferencing.

Ideation workshop

Through the Ideation Workshop, organisations will uncover potential use cases for AI development.

The AISG Advisory team will help to translate business challenges into opportunities, ideate potential solutions, and build alignment among stakeholders.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify areas of opportunity for their organisations to explore, goals to pursue, blockers to investigate and potential applications to develop.

These set the stage for the Prioritisation Workshop.

Prioritisation Workshop

The Prioritisation Workshop helps organisations to select the most feasible use cases for AI development.development.

The AISG consultants will help the organisations review the business importance and technical feasibility of the potential AI use cases.

The outcome of the Prioritisation Workshop will be a feasibility assessment of different use cases based on business, technical, data and product analysis.

The organisation can then execute these prioritised AI use cases under our 100 Experiments (100E) programme.

Target Audience

AI Discovery is intended for AI Ready organisations with existing IT capabilities such as software engineering, AI engineering or IT project management.

The workshop should comprise 20 to 25 participants from the same company, ideally from cross-functional teams including business leaders, product owners and engineers, to encourage diversity of perspectives and ideas.


AI For SME (AI4SME) is a one-stop portal that connects AI Unaware and AI Aware SMEs with AI solution providers. Our goal is to help SMEs embrace AI technology and leverage its benefits to enhance their business operations  by providing them with a 4-step approach towards AI adoption. 

Step 01 – Take Our Free AI For Everyone (AI4E) Course
To successfully adopt AI, it is ideal that your organisation has a basic literacy about AI by enrolling in AI4E. With this, your organisation can better appreciate the value AI will bring to your business.

Step 02 – Assess Your Organisation’s AI Maturity
Adopting AI solution is not the same as adopting a traditional software. It requires your organisation to have maturity in data, machine learning infrastructures and AI talent. It is therefore essential for your organisation to complete AI Readiness Index (AIRI) to ascertain your readiness level and plan your first step towards AI adoption.

Step 03 – Identify Useful AI Use Cases
If your organisation is new to adopting AI, it can be challenging to brainstorm AI use cases without references. Your organisation can explore the AI use case catalog to identify examples aligned with your business needs and objectives.

Step 04 – Contact Solution Provider
Once your organisation has identified a potential AI use, you can contact a trusted AI partner to implement the custom solution.

Ready to get started on your AI Journey?

Contact us to organize an AI Clinic for you and your industry peers or a 1-on-1 AI Discovery workshop to find out where AI can help you and how to prioritize your AI journey.