Course Overview

With Large Language Models (LLMs) demonstrating remarkable capabilities across a diverse range of tasks, we have introduced the LLM Application Developer Programme (LADP), a strategic Generative AI initiative in collaboration with SGTech, to help companies accelerate their adoption of LLMs. In this course, participants will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills in prompt engineering, which is an emerging field in artificial intelligence (AI) that specialises in creating and refining prompts, to effectively leverage LLMs.

Participants will develop their LLM-powered applications using low-code platforms with the aim of deploying them in their workplace. LADP is designed based on our award-winning AIAP model. Participants will undergo our 2-phase apprenticeship model (Deep-skilling phase and Project phase) where they will be equipped with the required know-how to build and deploy LLM-powered applications in their workplace.

Application For LADP Intake 3 Is Now Open!

To apply for LADP, the company representative has to fill up the LADP Application Form.

Join us at the LADP Information Sharing Webinar Session on Friday, 3 May, 2 PM, here.

Application For LADP Intake 2 Is Now Closed.

LADP Intake 3 applications will open on 15 April 2024!

Curriculum Overview

Phase 1 Deep-skilling

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Total Expected Self-Learning Hours*: 8 Hours
  • Learning materials will be provided
  • Delivery Mode: Asynchronous Learning

Phase 2 Project

  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Total Expected Self-Working Hours for Project*: 120 Hours over 12 Sprints
  • Consultation Hours with AISG AI Mentors: up to 24 hours per team
  • Delivery Mode: Hybrid
*Participants do not need to report to AISG during the Deep-skilling and project phase. Participants are to independently manage their schedules to fulfill the course objectives

*AISG reserves the right to modify the curriculum without prior notice

Target Audience

Each company can send up to 4 working professionals per team with an interest in solving problems using LLM. Companies can send multiple teams.


  • Existing problem statement(s) from the participant’s workplace with plans to deploy the LLM-powered application
  • Endorsement from the participant’s reporting officer
  • Depending on participants’ problem statements and skillsets, appropriate development tools will be recommended

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions

Entry to LADP is subject to the following criteria:

  1. Singapore-registered companies or public agencies
  2. Participant MUST be a Singaporean or Singapore PR
  3. Participating companies/organisation must have their own Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or other company approved platform


LADP’s objective is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills in prompt engineering, including Zero-shot Learning, Few-shot Learning, ReAct, and RAG, to build deployable LLM-powered applications with appropriate development tools that effectively address workplace problem statements.

Participants are required to have their problem statement(s) from their respective companies, and, through LADP, develop deployable LLM-power applications to address the problem statement(s). There are two phases in LADP: the Deep-skilling phase and the Project phase.

Deep-skilling Phase – 4 weeks

Participants will undergo asynchronous, self-directed learning using the e-learning materials developed by AISG’s AIAP Team to equip themselves with a strong theoretical understanding of critical concepts in LLM, including Prompt engineering techniques and Agents.

Duration: 4 weeks
Total Expected Self-Learning Hours: 8 Hours
Delivery Mode: Asynchronous learning

Note: Participants do not need to report to AISG during the Deep-skilling phase. Participants are expected to independently manage their schedules to fulfill the learning requirements.

1Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Model (LLM)
2Prompt Engineering Techniques, including Zero-shot, Few-shot and Chain-of-Thought
3Concept of Agents, including ReAct, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
4Ethics And Governance: Responsible development of LLM-powered applications
Project Phase – 12 Weeks

Participants will build LLM-powered applications to address their respective company’s problem statements. AISG Mentors will provide project consultation sessions, leading to the deployment of the LLM-powered application as the end goal. Knowledge transfer sessions will also be conducted at the start of the Project Phase to equip participants with the hands-on knowledge they need to kick-start their LLM project.

Duration: 12 weeks
Total Expected Working Hours for Project: 120 hours over 12 Sprints
Consultation Hours with AISG AI Mentors: 6 mandatory consultations (up to 2 hours per consultation)
Delivery Mode for Knowledge Transfer Sessions: Physical at AISG’s office
Delivery Mode for Project Consultation Sessions: Physical or Virtual Meeting

Note: Participants do not need to report to AISG during the Project phase. Participants are expected to independently manage their schedules to complete the projects.


  • Knowledge and skills in prompt engineering and usage of appropriate development tools to build LLM-powered applications
  • Deployable LLM-powered application crafted to address the company’s problem statement

Timeline For LADP Intake 3

Application Period15 April 2024 to 10 May 2024
Information Sharing Webinar SessionFriday, 3 May 2024, 2PM

Sign up for the Webinar Session here
Programme Period20 May 2024 to 6 September 2024
Deep-skilling phase 20 May 2024 to 16 June 2024
Project Phase17 June 2024 – 6 September 2024

During the Project Phase, there will be three knowledge transfer sessions held physically at AISG’s office:
Session 1: 21 June 2024, 1PM to 3PM
Session 2: 28 June 2024, 1PM to 3PM
Session 3: 5 July 2024, 1PM to 3PM

After which, project teams will book at least 6 project consultation time slots with the AISG Mentors (up to 9 consultations may be booked). These consultations may be physical or virtual.

Programme Fee and Funding

Fee PayableFunding From AISG
Singapore Citizen$3,600.00
($3,924.00 incl. 9% GST)
Singapore PR$7,200.00
($7,848.00 incl. 9% GST)
  • Full Programme Fee: $7,200 per participant
  • Programme Duration: 4 months
  • Max. 20 participants per class
  1. There are NO stipends provided to participants in this programme
  2. Each approved project can have a maximum of 4 participants from a company only
  3. We recommend companies send a minimum of 2 participants per project
  4. Each company can send multiple teams

Funding under Career Conversion Programme (CCP) with SGTech (Employers)

The Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Tech Professionals – AI Application Developer is designed to equip mid-career Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) with skills to design, develop and implement AI-powered applications that solve complex problems and enhance user experiences. The individual will be working across all stages of the development lifecycle, from ideation and requirement gathering to coding, testing and deployment. This individual will learn and grow in the field of AI application development, while contributing to exciting and transformative projects.

Funding Support for participating companies

Participating companies can enjoy up to 90% monthly salary support. The table below shows the general support outline.

Employer Eligibility Criteria for CCP

  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore with a valid Unique Entity Number (UEN) with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA);
  • Ensure that new hires / existing staff cannot be:
    • A shareholder of the CCP company, or its related companies;
    • Related to the owner(s) of the CCP company; and
    • (For new hires only) Immediate ex-staff of CCP company or its related companies;
  • (For new hires only) Offer a full-time PMET position employment contract on permanent terms or on contract terms that are no less than one (1) year;
  • Offer employment directly related to the job which the CCP is for, with remuneration that is aligned to the market rate;
  • Must put in place OJT for the trainees; and
  • Commit to the CCP training arrangements for the trainees.

Should you have any queries, please submit a Contact Us enquiry (LADP) at



Upon successful completion of LADP, participants will obtain a Certificate of Completion for the LLM Application Developer Programme.

For any enquiries, please contact us HERE.

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