AI Governance Roundtables

AI Singapore is convening a series of roundtables for representatives from industry, government, and academia to discuss responsible AI. Such discussions are typically too narrow and too broad. Too narrow in that a few voices dominate the discussion – notably those in the United States and Europe, with China sometimes included. Too broad in that discussion is often limited to generalities and principles.

This project aims to address both aspects of this problem, involving a wider set of stakeholders — in particular those from Southeast Asia — in more focused discussions of specific challenges in the application of Responsible AI to particular questions.

Roundtable #1:
Responsibility for AI

19 Oct 2023

Location: AI Singapore

How should responsibility for AI systems be allocated between developer and deployer?

Roundtable #2: Transparency and Explainability for AI

23 Feb 2024

Location: Google SG

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