The AI Technology Challenge aims to address sector-wide issues with innovative AI solutions to create transformative disruptions in sectors of strategic relevance to Singapore.

Its objective is to advance AI technologies and innovation that can be adopted by the public sector and the industry to solve important sectoral problems and create socioeconomic impact for Singapore.

Technology Challenge Modalities

The Technology Challenge (Open-Theme) is a bottom-up approach to incentivise original and significant solutions, where applicants will define the target sector, problem scope, design approach and potential impact.

The new Open Theme Technology Challenge Plus (OTTC+) Feb 2023 Call for Full Proposals is now open from
22 Feb 2023 to 3 May 2023, 12pm (GMT+8)

Download the application package here and reach out to your Host Institution’s research office for further details on the submission process. 

The application package will include the following documents listed below. Please use the templates provided in the subfolder when submitting to the Grant Management System, which will be live on 1 April 2023 to accept submissions: 

  1. GMS Templates
  2. AI Singapore Open-Theme Technology Challenge Plus (OTTC+) Guidelines
  3. Annex A – Open-Theme Technology Challenge Plus (OTTC+) Full Proposal Template
  4. Annex B – Guidelines for Mgmt of Research Grants (AISG) 
  5. Annex C – Terms & Conditions of the AI Singapore Technology Challenge Funding Scheme
  6. Annex D – Instructions to Institution’s Appointed Auditor on Financial Audit
  7. Annex E – Definitions of Different Private Sector Entity Types

For further enquiries on the OTTC+ Feb 2023 Call, please contact us at

OTTC Call Awardees

April 2022 Call (Industry Edition)
February 2022 Call (Public Sector edition)
July 2021 Call