LEARN: Language automated Evaluation by generating Answers / Questions from caRtooNs

Lead PI:

Assoc. Professor Donny Soh Cheng Lock
Infocomm Technology Cluster, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)


Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

  • Professor Ian McLoughlin
  • Assoc. Professor Indriyati Atmosukarto 
  • Assist. Professor Rong Tong
  • Assist. Professor Oran Zane Devilly
  • Assist. Professor Muhamed Fauzi Bin Abbas
  • Assoc. Professor May, Lim Sok Mui
  • Assoc. Professor Nitin Indurkhya
  • Assist. Professor David Miguel Sanan Baena
  • Assoc. Professor Goh Weihan
  • Jacob Abraham, Senior Professional Officer

National Institute of Education (NIE)

  • Dr. Kartini Binte Anwar
  • Dr. Dharmaraj Sundararaj
  • Dr. Suryani Binte Atan
  • Dr. Aw Guat Poh

Host Institution: Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Industry Partner: ConveGenius

The ‘LEARN: Language automated Evaluation by generating Answers / Questions from caRtooNs’ platform is an AI agent that aims to enhance Mother Tongue Language (MTL) home-based learning for Primary 1 and 2 students, with the goal of increasing oral proficiency by 20% in two years. The project focuses on developing an AI platform to engage students in realistic, coherent and meaningful short conversations. By leveraging advanced technology, LEARN will assist students in various MTL oral tasks and improve their language skills. LEARN aims to revolutionise MTL education through the provision of personalised support.

LEARN involves three key groups of stakeholders: teachers, schools, and students/parents.

The project establishes close collaboration with select schools in the initial stages, including data collection and early testing, to gather feedback from teachers, students, and school management. This feedback is crucial for the continuous improvement of LEARN.

The project encompasses the development of two web applications. One application is dedicated to teachers, enabling them to create various tasks, while the other is designed for students and parents. The student application will be accessible through both mobile and web-based browsers, ensuring convenience and usability.

To enhance student motivation, LEARN incorporates a robust gamification element. The aim is to instil a desire to learn and, consequently, improve students’ MTL proficiencies. Additionally, the technical framework of the project is highly modular, allowing for easy integration of cutting-edge technologies. This flexibility enables the swift adoption of the latest advancements in the rapidly evolving field of AI research.

Through active engagement with stakeholders, development of user-friendly applications, gamification strategies, and adaptable technical infrastructure, LEARN positions itself as a comprehensive and dynamic solution to advance MTL education. By leveraging the collaborative efforts of teachers, schools, and students/parents, LEARN is poised to make a lasting impact on the language learning landscape.


LEARN offers a range of benefits to different stakeholders.

Teachers can reduce their administrative workload by easily monitoring large classes. Students gain access to an online interface, enabling them to revise Mother Tongue Language (MTL) at home. School management gains a comprehensive overview of class progress, providing a ‘birds-eye view’ of student performance.



Parents stay informed about their child’s progress and understand the areas that require attention in school.



These advantages empower teachers, enhance students’ learning experiences, provide valuable insights for school management, and foster effective communication between parents and schools.