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AI Singapore’s Open Source Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tool

About TagUI

TagUI helps you rapidly automate your repetitive or time-critical tasks – use cases include process automation, data acquisition and testing of web apps. The goal of user interface (UI) automation is to reproduce cognitive interactions that you have with websites or on your desktop. This is so that your computer can do it for you based on your schedule or conditions. 

Key Features

Web Automation

Chrome extension for recording web actions or an invisible (headless) browser

Visual Automation

Visual automation of your desktop and websites

Natural Language-like Syntax

Write your scripts in a natural language-like syntax

No Coding Knowledge Needed

Natural language makes it easy to develop and deploy for use

> 20 Human Languages

Write scripts in >20 human languages like English, Chinese & Japanese

R & Python Integration

R and Python integration for AI or Machine Learning

Cross Platform

Available in Windows, MacOS and Linux

Easy to Install

Simply unzip the source files without explicit installation required

How it works

TagUI converts your intentions in different human languages into lines of working JavaScript code that perform UI automation. Under the hood, it uses: 

  • Chrome DevTools Protocol
  • Sikuli
  • CasperJS
  • PhantomJS
  • SlimerJS

Use Cases & Gmail - download forex rates and send using Gmail

This automation flow gets forex rates from and sends a csv file of the forex rates using Gmail. The flow was done on macOS Google Chrome at 125% zoom, images may have to be replaced with your browser's to work.

Microsoft Word - automate printing of thank you letters

This automation flow opens a Microsoft Word document, fills up required information and prints the document. The flow was done for macOS Microsoft Word at 200% zoom, images must be replaced with your environment's to work. - repeat or reschedule groceries order

This automation flow can be used to repeat or reschedule a groceries order on RedMart based on a previous order.

IMDA ICMS - upload trainees details for CITREP reimbursement

This automation flow performs bulk registration for trainees through IMDA ICMS website (CITREP) used by course providers. You can use this template to modify parameters accordingly, and use the sample csv datatable.

Source Repositories

For developers looking to deploy TagUI

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About RPA

What is RPA?

RPA is the abbreviation for robotic process automation. It is a branch of automation where user’s actions (such as mouse clicks and keyboard entries) in computer applications are replicated and automated. This type of automation has been around since the late 1990s and early 2000s, but is only recently becoming popular due to its association with artificial intelligence and automation.

What is the purpose of RPA?

By mapping a business or process workflow into a series of steps and conditions to be done on computer applications, it is possible to automate workflows that are repetitive and have large volume. For example, receiving an order from an email, keying in order details into inventory management application, and sending a confirmation note in the CRM application. It can be automated using RPA, thereby increasing efficiency of work processes. 

What are the benefits of using RPA?

RPA helps to improve efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive manual processes, leaving people to focus on the higher-value activities which create greater value for customers. Human errors can be reduced and the process can be done faster when automated with a computer.

What happens when I run an automation flow?

The following denotes what happens behind the scenes:

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