CURATE.AI – Personalised pharmocological intervention through small data phenotypic Optimisation

Project Reference :


Institution :

National University of Singapore (NUS), National University Health System (NUHS)

Principal Investigator :

Prof Dean Ho

Technology Readiness :

6 (Technology demonstrated in relevant environment)

Technology Categories :

Personalised therapeutics

Background/Problem Statement

Standard of care treatment dosages and decisions stem from population based clinical trial results. In many indications, treatment is often given at fixed doses which may be escalated or reduced up to an established limit based on patient response and toxicity. However, research has shown that individuals respond differently to the same dose and even from themselves at different timepoints.


CURATE.AI is a patent-pending artificial intelligence derived platform that identifies optimal treatment doses at the personalised level for every patient and aids the clinician’s decision making with dose recommendations.

CURATE.AI uses a small data approach harnessing the individual patient’s clinical data such as drug dose and response through biomarkers to construct an individualised digital profile. By relating the drug dose to treatment efficacy and safety, CURATE.AI selects the right doses to optimise treatment outcomes for each patient. The profile continues to update with new data during the treatment journey.

Based on a pilot clinical trial involving patients who were diagnosed with advanced solid tumors, clinicians accepted close to 97% of doses recommended by CURATE.AI, with some patients receiving optimal doses that were approximately 20% lower on average.


  1. PRECISE CURATE.AI: A prospective feasibility trial to dynamically modulate personalized chemotherapy dose with artificial intelligence.
  2. CURATE.AI: Optimizing Personalized Medicine with Artificial Intelligence 


  • Potential for personalising therapeutics, where doses can be adjusted dynamically during treatment.
  • AI can potentially help doctors to quickly identify the optimal doses that are customised for each patient at different stages of the treatment cycle, leading to improved patient and treatment outcomes.
  • Potentially identifying therapeutic doses of new drugs.
  • Inter- and intra- operability with Electronic Health Records solutions providers.

Potential Application(s)

Personalised therapeutics.

We welcome interest from the industry for collaboration/ co-development / customisation of the technology into a new product or service. If you have any enquiries or are keen to collaborate, please contact us.