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AI Research

To seed high quality research efforts aimed at developing fundamental AI novel techniques, algorithms and adjacent technologies that will eventually significantly contribute to the other pillars of AI Singapore. Additionally, the AI Singapore Research Programme encourage national research collaborations and nurture local AI talents.

Important Questions

What are the gaps in current AI technology?

What are the new AI advances with positive economic and societal impacts?

How can we use AI safely and securely?

How do we design AI to align to ethical, legal and societal principles?

Targeted Capability Building in AI Research

Fourth Call for AI Research Proposal

In the AI Research Grant Call 2021, AI Singapore invite proposals in advanced fundamental AI research for the following themes:

Theme One: Continuous Learning AI

This theme centres on advancing the state of the art in continuous learning AI and the following are the two areas of interest:

  • Self-Supervised Learning
  • Lifelong Learning

Theme Two: Resource Efficient AI

This theme centres on advancing the state of the art in resource efficient AI and the following are the five areas of interest:

  • Learning from Small Data Sets
  • AI Understanding of Design and Creation
  • Human AI Co-Design
  • Knowledge Representation with Complex Priors or Measurements
  • Science-Inspired or Physics-Based AI Systems and Models

Open AI Fundamental Research Theme

This theme centres on advancing novel visionary fundamental AI research with significant future impact.

The proposed research to be performed in this proposal should serve as preliminary studies and validation necessary for the research team to realise their proposed long- term vision and subsequently apply to future grant funding (e.g., MOE Tier 3) with a large quantum (e.g., above S$5 million value).

The proposals may include, but not limited to, the proposed sub-themes.

Each proposal should address one of the three themes listed above. Proposals with multiple themes will not be considered for evaluation. Hence, proposals with a clear research focus of a single theme are highly preferred.

The Programme will support each proposal for a duration of up to 3 years. Funding of each proposal is between S$ 500k for the open theme and up to S$1 million for the 2 main themes (inclusive of 20% IRC) is available.



(Inclusive of 20% IRC)


Theme One: Continuous Learning AI

Theme Two: Resource Efficient AI

Up to S$1 million

Up to 3 years

Open AI Fundamental Research Theme

Up to S$ 500,000

Up to 3 years

Deadline has been extended!
AI Research Grant Call 2021 is now open from

20 August 2021 to 12 November 2021, 1800hrs (SG Time).

Guides & Documents

Latest Updates on 29 September 2021, 16:30 

1. To encourage more quality proposal submissions, the submission deadline has been extended. 

2. AI Singapore Programme Administrative Guidelines have been updated. Please refer to the website for access to the updated information. 

• The deadline in the Grant Call timeline has been updated. 

• Clause 9.2 is not applicable to AI Research Grant Call 2021.

  1. AI Singapore – Research Proposal Application Form (26 August 2021)
  2. AI Singapore – Programme Administrative Guidelines (24 September 2021_Updated)

AI Research Grant Call Application Portal is now open

AI Kickstarter Grant Call 2019

Deep Generative Modelling of Epigenomics Data


ESCAI: Efficient and Secure Collaborative AI


InnoBrain for Artificial Creativity


Reflective Intelligence Amplification: Tackling Wicked Problems Through Dynamic Search Space Exploration


Grant Call 2019

Assistive AI with Artificial Theories of Mind and Body

Harold Soh Soon Hong (NUS)

Explaining AI with the Right Level of Abstraction

Jun Sun (SMU)

Learning To Anticipate Human Actions That Happen In The Next One To Five Seconds Using Self-Regularised Future Content Generation For Human-Robotic Engagement

Basura Fernando (A*STAR)

New Directions in Adversarial Machine Learning: From Theory to Applications

Bo An (NTU)

Noisy distributed learning on noisy data: A unified mathematical framework for dealing with arbitrary noise

Ernest Chong Kai Fong (SUTD)

Towards Improved Grammatical Error Correction

Ng Hwee Tou (NUS)

Grant Call 2018

Advancing Dense Prediction Methods for Visual Scene Understanding

Lin Guosheng (NTU)

Conversational Question Answering

Ng Hwee Tou (NUS)

Embedding Knowledge into Learning

Lee Wee Sun (NUS)

Targeting High Productivity Workforces via Data-Centric Transfer Optimization in the Internet Era

Ong Yew-Soon (NTU)

Enabling Spiking Neuromorphic Computation with On‐Board Learning Through Algorithm and Hardware Co‐design

Shaowei Lin (SUTD)

Rationalizing Deep Learning Model Decisions

Wynne Hsu (NUS)

PAT-AI: Privacy-Aware Transparency for AI in Singapore

Yair Zick (NUS)

One-Shot Learning: A Crucial Learning Paradigm Towards Human-like Learning

Fang Yuan (SMU)

Scaling Discrete Integration via SAT and CSP

Kuldeep S. Meel (NUS)

Call for AI Kickstarter Proposal

Stage One - Whitepaper Stage

Whitepapers, also known as Letter-of-Intent (LOI), are submitted for potential development into Full Proposals (FP).

Stage Two – Full Proposal Stage

Shorlisted whitepapers will be informed by the AI research team to develop into a FP. Selected FP will require to present their ideas to AISG appointed International Evaluation Panel for a thorough assessment before awarding.

The AI Kickstarter Grant Call provides a platform for AI researchers in Singapore to explore innovative ideas which have the potential to be developed into full proposals for large-quantum grant calls. It aims to fund multi-disciplinary applications, reflecting novel ideas and visions that are under explored and/or have significant social impacts.

There is no restriction on topics. However, researchers may consider these suggested areas:

  • Collaborative AI
  • Life Long Learning AI
  • Privacy-Aware AI
  • Resource Efficient AI
  • Trustworthy AI

Proposals should emphasise novel and significant contributions in methodologies and algorithms rather than domain-specific solutions.

The funding support (inclusive of 20% IRC) is up to $100,000 per proposal, for a maximum of 1-year.

Note: If your application for the grant is successful, you are expected to submit your application to the NRF Competitive Research Programme (CRP) / MOE AcRF Tier 3 and its equivalent grant calls. Otherwise, a report detailing why the initial proposed approach is not feasible, is required.

AI Kickstarter Grant Call is now closed.

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