How can I confirm that I’m eligible for TeSA CLT / TMCA funding?

To be eligible for TeSA CLT/ TMCA funding and AIAP, the applicant must be a Singaporean who has NOT benefitted from TeSA CLT / TMCA funding or any other funding that has an on-the-job component with monthly stipend support (such as PCP, CCP, TFIP).

If you would like to check your eligibility, please submit your AIAP application, then email with all the government-funded programme(s) you have benefitted from. For each programme, please include:
• Programme name in full
• Name of training provider
• Programme start date
• Programme end date
• Did the programme lead to a job placement upon programme completion?

Please understand that the funding eligibility is determined by our sponsors. Applicants who have benefitted from similar programme(s) may not be eligible for AIAP.

Upon receiving your enquiry, we will check with our sponsors if you will be eligible for AIAP. In case our response reaches you around or after the Technical Assessment submission deadline, you may choose not to proceed with the AIAP selection process.

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